Kashish MIQFF 2010 Logo symbolism

Manoj Khiyani who designed the logo has some interesting thoughts to share about the logo's symbolism -
  1. Red - The color of Love, Passion & Excellence. The Brighter Warmer side of Gay/Lesbian/Trans. people.
  2. Why Butterfly - In its lifecycle, a butterfly goes through tremendous changes. It cucoons itself and finally comes-out with great struggle. Once out, it sees the brighter side of life with lovely shades of its wings. The same applies to many of us from the LGBT Community.
  3. Different butterflies with Rainbow shade - represent different people from LGBT community, just like no 2 fingers are alike.
  4. How does it relate to Kashish - Kashish means attraction. Butterflies are attracted to the flowers. The theme goes well with the name too. Gay men love everything thats beautiful. Flowers & Gardens are simply beauty divined.
  5. Why no LGBT Icons - circle arrows or M-F signs or rainbow flag.  We are all one. Why show m2m, f2f or why divide between gay or lesbians etc.  We have shown all 7 colors as different butterflies. To Each its own.
  6. How could this theme be okay of a LGBT event - Its bright, it's relevant, it speaks for itself. It doesn't have any potential to create problems from various anti-gay or religious groups.  
  7. How does it relate to LGBT India - The theme shows gardens emerging, butterflies flying high.. happy n gay.. as the country slowly embraces LGBT Community with its acceptance & Understanding. The color of love - read adds warmth. The white text shows peaceful acceptance to the Kashish between same sex people.

Entries for 2010 closed

Submissions for the 2010 edition of the festival is closed now.
We have received an overwhelming number of entries. Thanks to all those who have sent their films. The final list of filsm would be out in February.