KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival seeks your support, in any of the areas below -
1. Share info about the festival KASHISH 2017 - 8th Kashish Mumbai Intl Queer Film Festival on social media - FB, twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp
2. Volunteer with the festival - fill out the form at
You can work with the festival and also watch films
3. Contribute to the festival's crowdfunding campaign: Every contribution helps
4. Connect us to a Sponsor - whether it is an airline or hotel, or corporate or gift sponsor, you can help bring in the much needed resources for the festival.
Write to us at info.kashishmiqff(at) for our partnership deck
5. Host a visiting filmmaker - many filmmakers, whose films are playing, from India and abroad are interested in coming to the festival. We are looking for friendly hosts who could offer a room or couch for few days.
Write to us at info.kashishmiqff(at)
6. Give us LOVE - this can be done by liking this, sharing this and helping with any of the above :-)
It's your festival, lets make a great one together!

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